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         Welcome to our website !
        Hotline:+086-513-84595828 中文版English
        About us
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        Nantong hengrui clothing co., LTD.

        Add:No. 8, yangkou harbor, changsha, jiangsu province





        Nantong hengrui clothing co., LTD.located in Nantong which is called the pearl of the river and the window of the Yangtze.The company founded in 2004 with 5 million registered capital which started from the port of dongyang in nanton, having excellent equipments and high quality staff of 80 and undertaking the processing and sales of famous baby brands from home and abroad,is a high quality enterprise integrating elegance and fashion.

        The main products include baby clothing, bib, bathrobe, trousers, jackets, pajamas, sleeping bags and other non-allergenic materials,focusing on details and making with heart.At the same time, the company had the quality and service of the brand located in the middle and high end of the market,selecting a variety of boutique for sale.And now its sales network has covered the whole country.

        Currently, Hengrui dress whose brand-bayy and carabach ,has become a well-known domestic brand,has developed into a good enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales.And It has undertaken a series of domestic and international famous brands,such as good boy, ambler, doraemon, a good mood and coclode, low fire danger,which has developed into one of the modern clothing enterprises with the powerful size and influence.

        The company has been growing for 13 years,which always makes the service, quality and word of mouth as the development index,focusing on the principle of "enterprises and customers grow together" to creat a good service space for customers and making benefit-sharing,prosperity-creating to achieve the win-win goal of the enterprise and the customer.Running steadily and practicing the ideal.We will continue to follow the customer's requirements and continuously make product innovation and service improvement to become an enterprise which spires to let customers trust and make employees happy.

        Add:No. 8, yangkou harbor, changsha, jiangsu province Tel : +086-513-84595828 Fax : +086-513-84596786 E-mail : beizhidi@www.sccdmc.com
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